Aion offers a complete range of ocean & air freight services worldwide.


Aion offers a complete range of ocean freight services worldwide.  

  • Global Door to door or Port to Port
  • Full Documentation Service, including all Customs and MPI Biosecurity requirements
  • Under Bond transitional facility

Why Sea Freight?

With options ranging from smaller consolidated LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments to large FCL (Full Container Load) shipments, and long standing relationships with all global strategic ocean freight carriers, Aion’s international sea freight service partners with you to get your product where it needs to be.

Aion provide a total service covering not only the sea freight movement of your product, but also customs clearance and tariff classification, all operated by our in house team of international freight specialists.

Sea Freight Services

We specialise in both LCL (Less Than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) sea freight services.

LCL sea freight is a cost effective option for smaller shipments, we consolidate your product into a sea freight container.

FCL - have enough product to fill a sea freight container yourself?  Then you’ll be shipping an FCL (Full Container Load) of sea freight.


Sea Freight contacts

Ben Zheng (English, Mandarin)

DDI   +64 9 254 4908

Ray Zhou  (English, Mandarin)

DDI   +64 9 254 4911

Ivan Qiu  (English, Mandarin)

DDI   + 64 9 254 4907

Jin Jung  (English, Korean)

DDI   + 64 9 869 2659

Aion offers a complete range of air freight services worldwide.  

  • Global Door to door or Port to Port
  • Full Documentation Service, including all Customs and MPI Biosecurity requirements
  • Under Bond transitional facility

Why Air Freight?

If your international freight needs to be there NOW, then you need an air freight service.  With the capacity and flexibility to get it there NOW, our global network and extensive international agency will tailor a solution to get your product where it needs to be, right when you need it there.

Whether it’s an urgent last minute order, a small shipment of samples or pallet loads, air freight is the fastest way to get your product to any location worldwide.
Our experienced team of in-house Customs Brokers will ensure your air freight moves smoothly across borders.

Air Freight Services

Whatever your needs, Aion will tailor a solution for your business.

  • IATA Accredited Cargo Agents
  • Direct and Consolidation Services
  • Global Network
  • Competitive Pricing
  • General Cargo

 Air freight solutions can be flexible for one-off movements or regular air cargo movements.  We offer services:

  • Day definite
  • Door to Door
  • Airport to Airport
  • Door to Airport
  • Airport to Door

Aion is one of the major IATA agent in New Zealand today for air freight providing quality service in all areas of international freight.  With a focus on employing the best people, training and operating in an environment where our people can succeed every day, it’s no wonder our team place great emphasis on providing such great service.


Sea & Air Freight contacts

Ben Zheng (English, Mandarin)

DDI   +64 9 254 4908

Ray Zhou  (English, Mandarin)

DDI   +64 9 254 4911

Ivan Qiu  (English, Mandarin)

DDI   + 64 9 254 4907

Jinuk Jung  (English, Korean)

DDI   + 64 9 869 2776

Aion is the best partner that helps New Zealand leading brands and e-commerce merchants expanding their business worldwide.


Aion offers cohesive, customized cross border solutions to global retailers. We provide fully traceable door-to-door cross-border air express service, handling international customs clearance, product classification, parcel fulfilment, and returns.


We will transport your parcels by air from country of origin to destinations, customs clear and inject directly into the local post or local delivering carriers.
We are dedicated to providing a most comprehensive service for a long-term growth of your e-commerce business.


Aion's in-house customs brokerage office make the entire import experience straightforward.
Our integrated logistics information system improves process efficiency, ensuring low-cost, smooth and quick handling of customs clearance.
Our robust solution gets you up and running quickly – without having to expand your company infrastructure or alter your consumer experience.

Cross border e-commerce shipping contact

Ben Zheng(English, Mandarin)

DDI   +64 9 254 4908

Kenneth Oh (English, Korean)

DDI   +64 9 869 2522


Through our resources and association with several bonded warehouses,
domestic warehouses, and trucking companies,
we are able to offer you the most economical warehouse and distribution services.
We are able to handle anything from the smallest packages to oversized products,
providing professional handling and security along the way.

Security system

Computerized management

Segregation and Palletizing

Inventory management and control

Loading and Unloading
Pick and Pack


We provide service to our customers of outsourced services for part, or all of their supply chain management functions.
We specialize in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers' needs based on market conditions, such as the demands and delivery service requirements for their products and materials.

Cost and time savings

Logistics is the core competence of ours. We have the ability to possess better knowledge and greater expertise than any producing or selling company. This knowledge combined with the global networks enables a higher time and cost efficiency.
Our equipment and the IT system are constantly updated and adapted to new requirements of customers and their customer’s suppliers.

Low capital commitment

The fact that most or all operative functions are outsourced us means there is no need for the client to own its own warehouse or transport facilities, lowering the amount of capital required for the client's business. This is particularly beneficial if a company has high variations in warehouse capacity utilization because a bad capacity utilization ratio at equal fixed cost (for warehouse) will reduce a company’s profitability.


The outsourcing of logistics departments permits a company to focus on its core business.
If logistics is not a core competency it could be outsourced to a logistics provider, because the continuous increasing of business complexity makes it impossible to be an expert in every division or sector. And if you are no expert in a division, there is always the opportunity to improve. Often only the core competency is really adding value to your product. So it is immensely important to be best in class or one of the market leaders to generate profits because normally the quality of the core product is the main (not the only, but the main!) reason for the consumer to buy it.


We can provide much higher flexibility in geographic aspects and can offer a much larger variety of services than the clients could provide for themselves. In addition to that, the client gets flexibility in resources and workforce size and logistics fix costs turn into variable costs.

3rd Party Logistics contacts

Kenneth Oh (English, Korean)

DDI  +64 9 254 4903

Floria Yu (English, Mandarin)

DDI  + 64 9  254 4900

If you want to export animal & dairy products, your products may be in a Risk Management Programme (RMP) chain.

What an RMP is

An RMP is a written programme designed to manage the hazards, wholesomeness and labelling of animal & dairy material and products. Hazards may be biological, chemical or physical.
RMP describes how you will process your products to meet the requirements of the Animal Products Act 1999. This is to ensure the products you sell are 'fit for purpose' – safe, suitable and truthfully labelled.
Registered RMP is a legally binding document that must be developed and implemented in accordance with the Animal Products Act 1999 and other relevant New Zealand legislation.

Aion is one of the verified RMP registers in New Zealand. We are able to store and transport RMP products without breaching RMP chain.
If you need more information about RMP products, please contact our RMP expert.

RMP contact

Ben Zheng

DDI  +64 9  254 4908


Aion offer tailored consultancy services and trade support to assist in the establishment of
new trade processes or the streamlining of existing import or export operations.
Together with key partners we offer unique trade consultancy services.


If you’re importing or exporting, you must use a Licenced Customs Broker to lodge documentation with the New Zealand Customs Service.

Aion established a dedicated in-house team of experienced customs brokers in 2004
We facilitate customs and quarantine clearances for all international imports at all destinations in N.Z, and through our extensive global network we can offer consistently high levels of clearance and border management facilitating entry to all areas of the globe.

Also Aion's world-wide network of branches and agencies, backed by our state of the art systems allows you access to a wealth of information your business needs.

Utilising our experienced team of in-house Customs Brokers saves you time and money.

Full range of customs brokerage services including:

  • Electronic Entry of Imported Goods
  • Clearing Live Entries
  • Duty Drawback Calculation
  • Remote Client Access
  • Quarantine Formalities
  • Shipment Monitoring and Status Reports
  • Local Transport and Deliveries
  • Technical Valuation and Legislation Advice
  • Tariff Classification Advice and Listing
  • Consultancy Services including legislation advice

With our own Licenced Customs Bond Store Facility, we also have MPI Quarantine Facilities meaning your product stays in safe hands.

Customs Brokerage Contact

Daham Yu (English, Korean)

DDI  +64 9 254 4905

Ray Zhou  (English, Mandarin)

DDI  +64 9 254 4908

Kay Min  (English, Korean)

DDI  +64 9 254 4903

When you export food-related products you may need an export certificate or official assurance certifying your consignment meets requirements.

Export certificates

Export certificates are documents which confirm the safety and suitability of food products being exported from New Zealand. Not all destination countries require them, but they can be helpful with border clearance. When food products are accompanied by an export certificate it means they meet all applicable New Zealand standards. For many countries, they are mandatory and it is important to check the market access requirements of destination markets to find out if one is required.

Eligibility documents

To show that you have met the requirements, you may need to complete eligibility statements or declarations. You can only request an export certificate once these eligibility documents indicate that your products meet the requirements of the destination country. The statements or declarations are reviewed and approved by a verifier recognised for this work each time the products are moved between registered premises. They also contain information that confirms which destination markets the products meet requirements for.

Electronic certification (E-cert)

To make exporting efficient and effective, some official assurances are issued using E-cert. This system is used for food safety and biosecurity certification and is available for animal products, dairy and phytosanitary certificates.
If you need more information about Export Certifications, please contact our Export Certification expert.

Export Certification contact

Ben Zheng

DDI  +64 9  254 4908

Are you fully covered?
Should something go wrong when you’re shipping cargo, the compensation to which you’re entitled is normally calculated against a ‘limited liability clause'.

Under limited liability, damaged or lost cargo is assessed by weight, not value. So in all likelihood, your compensation could be dramatically less than the commercial value of the goods.

Our solution for you

For a competitive premium, We  will cover your freight against loss or damage from any external cause. Flexible to meet your needs it can be arranged as follows:

  • Ad-hoc Insurance Policy: one-off cover for a specific shipment.
  • Annual Insurance Policy: insures all shipments over the course of a pre-defined period such as one year.


Aion Cargo Solutions Ltd. has been a key player in the global transportation and
freight forwarding industry since 2004.
Since then, Aion has grown into a worldwide logistics and forwarding network spanning six continents.
Through its expansive global network and experienced logistics professionals,
we offer unparalleled transportation and logistics services,
exception-free handling and customized account management.
We offer cost effective, consistent, high-quality, exception-free transportation
and logistics services throughout the world.


- Nov 2015 : Established Melbourne branch (Australia)
- Dec 2014 : Established Shanghai branch (China)
- Sep 2013 : Established Seoul branch (S.KOREA)
- Dec 2012 : RMP (Risk Management Program) Certified
- Jul 2012  : Launched cross border e-commerce shipping service to Japan
- Mar 2011 : RACA (Regulated Air Cargo Agent) Certified
- Jan 2011 : Full membership accredited by IATA
  (International Air Transportation Association)
- Jan 2011 : Launched Drop ship service (
- Sep 2007 : Launched cross border e-commerce shipping service to China
- Jun 2005 : Launched cross border e-commerce shipping service to Korea
- Jan 2005 : Established in-house Customs Broker Team
- FEB 2004  : Founded Aion Cargo Solutions Ltd.


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