How Long Does Customs Clearance Take?

While customs clearance times can vary, particularly if there is a request by the Customs Service to examine the goods, most imports get clearance in 24-48 hours. It’s important to note that customs clearance is also subject to the payment of taxes and/or duties.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Freight Forwarder?

Shipping your products requires a lot of coordination. By using Aion Cargo Solutions as your freight forwarding partner, you can concentrate on the needs of your customers and wider business rather than spending time on shipping coordination tasks. You can also save money while making the shipping of your products more efficient.

What Documents Are Required to Get My Products Through Customs and MPI?

The documents that are required can depend on the products you are exporting, but common requirements include a commercial invoice and packing list. A bill of lading or an air waybill is also required. Get in touch with us with details of your shipment and we can give you specific advice on the documentation you will need.

Are There Products that Cannot be Shipped by Air

There are many items that are restricted so can’t be shipped by air. Restricted items include gases, flammable liquids, explosives (including fireworks), flammable solids, corrosive items (including batteries), toxic items (such as pesticides), biochemical products, and more. To check if your cargo can be shipped by air, contact a member of the Aion Cargo Solutions team.

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