Export certification

Export Certification

At Aion Cargo Solutions, we can provide consultancy and advisory services to help you meet your export certification requirements. We have experienced professionals on our team with detailed knowledge of export certification regulations, as well as a wide range of customised services.

Most perishable goods being exported from New Zealand require an export certificate. Are your exports in compliance?

When exporting many perishable goods, certain health and safety, as well as suitability standards, have to be met. As a result, official documentation has to be completed whenever you are exporting most types of perishable products. Examples include meat, seafood, honey, wine, and dairy products.

This documentation is then reviewed by an approved verifier and if everything is in order, an export certificate will be created. It’s important to note that an export certificate only certifies the product as compliant with New Zealand regulations and requirements. It is also essential to check the market access requirements of the destination country.

Export Certification Services

  • Advice and information on the export certification process
  • Assistance with the completion of official forms and eligibility documentation
  • Electronic certification support
  • Wide range of additional services to support and improve your export operations.

To speak to an export certification specialist at Aion Cargo Solutions, please get in touch with us today.

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